Welcome to the Law Office of Stephen P. McGee.

    Stephen P. McGee, practicing law under the name of the Law Office of Stephen P. McGee (“Law Office"), provides comprehensive legal advice, services and representation in multiple general civil law areas with an emphasis on and special interest in legal matters directly or indirectly related to the construction industry.  
    The Law Office provides legal assistance and services to:

  • Contractors and subcontractors of all classes, materialmen and suppliers in the construction industry
  • Homeowners, commercial property owners and businesses impacted by the construction industry
  • Any person or entity with business law concerns  
  • Any person or entity with civil legal issues    
  • Clients in Marin County as well as Central and Northern California.  

   Approach of the Law Office to the practice of law:      

      The desired goal of the Law Office is to work with clients to identify and resolve legal concerns before they become costly and time consuming legal issues.  This proactive approach is accomplished by using legal resources, contracts, anticipatory procedures, planning, education and action.  
      In an effort to meet the goal and minimize the client’s future legal expenses, the Law Office encourages a collaborative approach with the client’s accountants, insurance brokers, finance experts and other business consultants.  The Law Office’s many years of practicing law allows for the introduction of clients to other professionals drawn from the network of professionals the Law Office has developed.    
      When a collaborative and proactive approach is not feasible, the Law Office provides legal services directed towards the resolution of the legal matters as favorably as possible for the client.