Law Office Overview

Stephen McGee is a lifelong Resident of Marin County.
    As a life-long resident of Marin County, Stephen McGee has been able to nurture and incorporate into the Law Office, long-lasting relationships with residents and people in the business community, construction industry and community service groups in Marin County.

Why use Law Office of Stephen P. McGee?  
    Stephen has more than 35 years of experience practicing law in Marin. Through the Law Office, Stephen has been continuously involved with the provision of legal services and representation since 1997. The Law Office has worked with clients to solve legal issues related to real estate, contracts, insurance, estate planning, and business formations, with an emphasis on building, real property improvement and construction matters. The Law Office has provided and continues to provide legal services for construction companies and homeowners.

    Stephen’s legal knowledge and experience provides him with skills to assist the clients of the Law Office with identifying, understanding, and appreciating their legal needs so that they have the opportunity to use this knowledge to their benefit now and in the future.  

There is a deep connection to the Marin construction industry.
    Stephen’s connection to the construction industry began in his youth. His father was a foreman carpenter in the residential sector in Marin County and other family members remain deeply committed to the construction industry. This background and continuing connections are the ideal foundation for a law career with a strong focus on the construction industry. Stephen appreciates the construction process and construction issues. Stephen has the ability to “talk the language” of the construction industry.

The focus is on the process leading to the desired outcome.
    Stephen’s many years as a youth swimming and basketball coach give him insights into the many ways of empowering people to be self-directed and to learn from their past experiences.  It is easy to identify legal issues and dictate solutions but Stephen and the Law Office go the further step of attempting to educate clients about why certain solutions are the best alternatives for them.  This process of education helps provide the opportunity for clients to be more informed about their present situation and better prepared for the future.

Prevention rather than fire-fighting.
    The philosophy of the Law Office is to address legal issues earlier rather than later.  As time passes, issues that could have been easily addressed tend to become more difficult and expensive to resolve.  Money spent now, rather than multiples of that amount of money in the future, is seen as a responsible and prudent way to deal with the complexities of any civil legal matter, whether it be construction contracts and construction relationships or relationships between individuals or entities in any civil matters requiring legal representation.

    The Law Office advocates for the anticipation of and preparation for issues as the best way to avoid future legal issues. There is such conviction in this approach to legal matters, that Stephen has prepared and delivered courses for those in the construction industry on how to anticipate, avoid and deal with potential legal issues.  

Long term client relationships are valued.
    A number of Law Office clients have been with the Law Office for more than a decade. Long-term relationships give the Law Office the opportunity to really know the needs of the client and, thus, provide more focused and relevant advice and representation.